About Us


Young Opportunities Australia is a social enterprise that provides information, support and advice to students and graduates seeking purposeful career development opportunities. We empower young Australians looking to enhance, build or discover all of the possibilities available to them – with particular focus on those with non-vocational degrees. We also provide space both online and offline for young people to connect with their communities, leaders and peers.

Our vision is a society that nurtures and inspires young people to find or create pathways to employment – responding to the unique challenges they face within a highly competitive global employment market.

Our goal is to build a platform and community that connects young Australians to the opportunities, contacts, skills and support they need to find or create productive, fulfilling and engaging employment.

Our mission is:

To Inform

  • To provide information on all the latest personal and professional career development opportunities
  • To work in partnership with university, enterprise and government to ensure young people are employment-ready

To Support

  • To bridge the gap between university and full employment by sharing experiences and advice
  • To facilitate genuine understanding between generations about the strengths, skills and experiences of the other

To Inspire

  • To create a space where young people feel connected to and inspired by their community, leaders and peers
  • To empower a generation of Australian global citizens to be the change they want to see in the world

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