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Expanse, Melbourne Saturday November 21, Sydney Saturday November 28 2015

Expanse is a one day event packed with insights and innovation from social change leaders. People can do incredible things when they harness their skills for the common good. Come to Expanse and meet with like minded people, industry professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs all passionate for change. YOA will have a stall set up at each event and will run an informal lunch time session on building ‘purposeful’ careers.

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Careers Evening: Kick-Start your career in International Affairs, Thursday 15 October

Passionate about International Affairs?  International law?  Global Change?

Join us at the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of International Affairs to hear successful young professionals discuss how they broke into their respective fields.

Afterwards there will be the opportunity to network with young professionals and international organisations from the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors.

2015 Unleashed Festival, Saturday 26 September

Creating opportunities: Why you need to take a purposeful gap year

Exhausted after year 12 and want to take a break? Just graduated and can’t find a job? Halfway through uni and re-evaluating where you’re at? A gap year may be just what you need. In this workshop, we will help you gain greater clarity on your purpose, interests, values, skills and strengths – and know how a gap year can be used to strengthen these.

2015 Youth Humanitarian Festival, Saturday 12 September

Workshop: Getting your foot in the door – from university to paid employment

During this session, YOA Founder Margaret Quixley will explore opportunities for young people to better prepare themselves for the challenges of entering the labour market post university, with a particular focus on careers in the not-for-profit sector.

YOA was honoured to also participate in the inaugural Youth Humanitarian Festival at Swinburne University on September 13-14, 2014.

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