Realising your dream: Stephanie Eslake


I studied a double degree in media and music, and I felt lost through the whole thing. I’d come from a background in classical performance and has a love for writing and journalism – but had no idea how to combine them. Until my final year of study. Suddenly, it hit me – I wanted to be a classical music journalist. Everything became clear to me, because I had a real goal. I felt grounded, driven, and inspired. But I began to realise how niche the interest was. Where in the world would I find a stable job and income following such a random career path?

These thoughts didn’t deter me. I did my research, I enrolled in a fantastic writing workshop interstate and made friends with similar interests and I was more certain than ever that it was what I wanted to do. But being certain doesn’t invent jobs. So I figured, instead of waiting work to come to me, I would create my own opportunities – and so my own magazine was born called CutCommon, which is aimed at young classical musicians.

I have now spent a year building my website, while working for a range of magazines to write about music and arts and having the time of my life. My life isn’t stable – I don’t work full time and this is a constant source of anxiety for me. But I am in love with the work that I do, I am a faithful reader of the beautiful magazines I have been lucky enough to write for (I never take any opportunities for granted, and I think this is extremely important), and I have a dream that hasn’t faded. It’s hard work, but the pay off is worth all the effort in the world.

Stephanie Eslake is a winner of YOA’s Writing Competition in the category ‘Realising your dream.’ 

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