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7 September 2014
YOA Founding Director, Margaret Quixley

A recent Graduate Careers Australia report found that nearly thirty percent of Australian graduates will not find full time employment within four months of graduating. Ten percent will not find any work at all. This number increases significantly for graduates of humanities and social sciences; forty percent of whom face the likelihood of being un- or under-employed post graduation.

While these statistics are shocking, they are not at all surprising, particularly given youth unemployment is currently at a 12-year high in Australia. The economic slowdown following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis is no doubt largely responsible for the tightening of this area in the job market. This means that young people need to, and are, finding new and innovative ways to join an increasingly globalised employment market – often through channels not seen by previous generations.

Young Opportunities Australia was established in the wake of the 2014 Federal Budget, largely out of concern for young people who would be disproportionately affected by many of the proposed policy changes. Our vision is a society that nurtures and inspires young people to find or create pathways to employment, responding to the unique challenges that today’s youth face within a highly competitive economic environment.

We aim to connect young people with all the latest personal and professional development opportunities both in Australia and abroad. Our ultimate goal is to empower young people to find or create their own pathways to employment through access to information and support around jobs, internships, training, conferences, scholarships, voluntary, social, and other entrepreneurial ventures.

More than just an information portal

We know firsthand how difficult the transition from university to employment can be. Above all, YOA is a community and we will always encourage young people to support one another, so if you have ideas, feedback or opportunities you’d like to share, then feel free to drop us a line.

I’d like to take a moment thank everyone who has helped make this happen. Starting with our generous funders Kirra Pickering, Ana Stevenson, Cassidy Dewar, Paul Barcham, Jennifer Lau, Kerry Maguire, Bearyn O’Donnell and many other generous (but anonymous!) supporters. I’d also like to sincerely thank Kieran McDonald, Marc D’Cruze, Madonna Quixley, Cara Schultz and Rachel Kaye who have all contributed countless hours of advice and support.

Thank you again for your invaluable encouragement and understanding, particularly in these formative stages. We look forward to sharing this journey ahead together.

Margaret Quixley, Founder

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